Privacy and Ministry Authorizations

Ministerial Authorization

The profession of Research and Selection of Personnel can be carried out exclusively by Recruitment Agencies. The Biagi Law (D.Lgs n. 276 of 10 Sept. 2003 and subsequent changes) defines the conditions by which, after a two years, authorization to exercise the profession of Research and Selection of Personnel is granted.

SYNERGOS SRL takes pride in the following two authorizations:

  • RESEARCH AND SELECTION OF PERSONNEL,Authorization from the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, prot. N. 13/1/0008775 of 24/06/2009, starting date in February 2007.
  • OUTPLACEMENT,Authorization from the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, prot. n. 39/0014493 of 17/10/2012 starting date in April 2010.

Method and Ethic Code

CPL &TAYLOR, a brand owned by Synergos Srl,has been operating in the RSP field for over 20 years developing a unique method and its own behavior code in accordance with the Biagi Law and with the privacy policy.

1. An RSP consultancy project is divided in the following steps:

a) analysis of the client’s organization and specific needs for a correct research and selection;

b) definition of the method to apply (research through archive, executive search, publication), of the consequent costs and timing of the consultancy;

c) formalization of the commission and of the JOB DESCRIPTION from the client;

d) research development through qualification and needs assessment by phone/face to face interview of the candidates registered in the archive or face to face interview of candidates not in the CPL&TAYLOR archive;

e) selection of a rose of candidates to present to the client with a report and CV;

f) face to face interview with client and candidates;

g) the client sends CPL&TAYLOR a post interview report;

h) support from CPL&TAYLOR in the final choice of the candidate;

i) Employment and assessment of the chosen candidate;

2. The profession of RSP is carried out only when commissioned by the client and no compensation is required from the candidates.

3.CPL&TAYLOR operates respecting a range of ethical behavior rules:

j) objectiveness and independence in the evaluation of candidates;

k) respect of the candidates’ dignity, independent of professional level and social and economical situations;

l) care in the updating of its collaborators;

m) guaranteed privacy in the treatment of information both of the candidates and of the clients.

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