Over the years of working together we have focalized THE CORPORATE STYLES in Synergos srl.


We believe that, even before efficiency, the standard of our work is efficacy. We feel free to organize our work independently but with the common goal to “DO THE THINGS THAT MATTER” which then lead us without hesitation to the OBJECTIVE with creativity, without excluding new and INNOVATIVE solutions.

Competence and Quality

Every collaborator of Synergos srl is a professional figure with an important national and international corporate background. We know how to do our job!

Giving Value to our Talent

We are aware that everyone has the capacity to express professionalism in different ways. Giving everyone the chance to EXPRESS their own value is the best way to get satisfaction from a job.

Integration of the Competences

Every different experience is precious to our group and to our clients

Personalizing the Service for the Client

We like to think that every time we start an activity it will never be the same as the previous. For every commission our clients receive the same attention and commitment we put into the very first one.


Working with people can be difficult. Passion in our job is essential to reach high professional standards.

Integrity, Honesty and Generosity

These are prerequisites to be part of our group. Confrontation on these issues is daily!

Sense of Belonging

It is what holds our team together. Our single roles aren’t important, but it is clear to us, that we share a corporate DESTINY both with our firm and with our clients.


We aren’t afraid to explore new activities or different work methods.

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